Who I Am

Liwen Li is a Chinese Feng Shui Master who comes from a real Feng Shui family in Dalian, China. Feng Shui Consulting is a legacy of Liwen’s family since her family began doing it over 300 years ago in China. The family has helped the lives and businesses of many people as the mastery of Feng Shui was passed down from generation to generation.Liwen cultivated her Feng Shui knowledge from her father, Guo Li, who still offers Feng Shui consultations in China right now.



What i Do

Today, Liwen continues to expand her family’s business with blossoming pride and passion. In doing so, she has taken the business on the road. Venturing all over the world to assist clients, and speaking Chinese, English and Japanese, the business has reached a new level. She does personal Feng Shui consulting for people from diverse walks of life such as celebrities, politicians, business men and house wife, etc.